Friday, April 08, 2011


On an errand to day me and my assistant Tin stumbled upon fried snack cart . I couldn't call it a squid ball cart cuz they didn't have squid balls but they had chicken balls , Kikaim balls, Kikiam, battered hard boiled egg , battered quails egg . So hence I named it a " fried snack cart "

We where rushing around in my area doing later afternoon errands ... I was feeling blah and this simple cart with artery clogging nibbles put a smile on my face !! I didn't really grow up much in the Philippines left the islands when I was 1 than came back to study high school in Bacolod at 14 than left after high school .... So street food is relatively something thats a tad foreign to me heheheh and besides the fact my mother practically banned me from eating street food as a child !! But in my travels I always make it a point to try out street food in the city I'm visiting as long as its piping hot and does not contain tap water of the country Im in Im fine hehehehe .

I needed the happy fix ... I was dealing with a news that a friend is now in the hospital due to stage 4 cancer and I just recently reunited with this childhood friend and didn't find out till my sister in Jersey told me about the news via skype that early morn . I admit Im an emo eater and eating is part of my comfort zone . I use to be obese but I seem to have been able to control my weight these past few years . I have no choice Im a diabetic , eating right at certain times of the day controls my blood sugar and my mood swings .

But a few minutes of this experience made me happy despite the " cardiac arrest moment " it gave me good endorphins . This actually is my secret of eternal youth hhehehehe . Today is my day off from the gym and I will enjoy it .... Tomorrow I will pay for it at the gym heheheh. Thats the cycle of my life .

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