Sunday, January 16, 2011


A while back model couple Jasler Ubaldo and his wife Gil Marie Pacmara came and supported fashion forecast where in I was a featured designer ! I was ubber stoked to see this couple who I have known for years !! They where in fact at 1 time my neighbors till they moved and bought their own condo .

I was happy to hear that they have diversified into other area's of fashion !! Gil into accessories and make up styling . While Jasler put up his own brand of club/ street wear called Jail Jeans ( Which he distributes in well known boutiques over seas . ) I was Very lucky to have been gifted a pair of jail jeans recently !! As they are not sold locally !

I wish I could buy jeans locally !! Due to my height its pretty hard to do that, so I wear what I make and have never really worn any local designer . I was tumbling in glee when Jas dropped of the pair he promised to gift me ! They fit like a glove and as they are designed and manufactured for an over seas market so hence my size was not a prob!!

It warms my heart to hear success stories like this ! We need more designers like Jasler and his partner Gil Marie in the local scene ! Despite Jasler's lack of training in design he's back ground in year's of modeling and also having parents that where master cutters was a big help as he can read details and transfer them on fabric .

Boy Abunda wears Jail jeans on the Buzz every week ... And now I own a pair ! The 1st day I wore jail jeans to meet up with some friends for dinner in Rockwell , I was chased by a young fashion blogger who wanted to take a pic of me to post on his blog hehehehe .

Recently due to wanting to get more training Jasler comes in for tutorials in fashion design . And its my honor to pass on knowledge thats I have acquired thru college and training ! Im blessed to be able to meet and work with talents like Jas and my other fashion design students.

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