Thursday, October 07, 2010

Orgasmic isaw LOVE!!

1 tuesday in the middle of a design frenzy ... I looked and pokemon/ assistant TinTin... And said to her " Im craving for ISAW !! " So in my pang basketball player / kanto boy look I dragged her to the kanto at the back of my condo bldng and viola ... We sa isaw love !!

Than voila all my stress disappeared !! They didn't have these when I was growing up abroad !! My will throw a bitch fit if she saw what I was eating !! I spent P100 and it was the best P100 I spent !!
Grungy and happy !! Gotta work my ass off to get rid of the fats from eating all this !!

My version of internship ...HIHIHIH!!

Man no more innards for me in the next month or so !! Ces't la vie !! Viva La isaw !!

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