Sunday, August 08, 2010


I have recently asked a friend to help me with my work out regimen he has introduced me to the world of DYNAMIC work out . Its working out with no machine or heavy weights . resistance is basically your body weight ! Less injury or strain to the body more reps though and its a killer work out ! Its the same work out system used in the reality TV show the biggest looser . The squats and killer lunges are just some of the routine one must do to make this work for you . Reason why I had to revamp was 1.) Im already going into palteau all the cardio I use to do has made me strong to the point all my routine's was not making me loose any weight , 2.) I was also gaining weight due to quitting smoking ( Its been 1 and 6 months since I took my last puff, some times Im tempted but I came all this way and i wont start again ! ) But lm luckier than most I've gained on average 8 lbs so far and some of it is muscle mass a Dr. friend told me that most peep's on average gain 15 lbs oh gawd forbid I go there !! 3.) My blood sugar level's are erratic and goes up on some day's , a normal level is 115 for some one in my age group and built , well I can hit 220 ( Ssshhhhh no one tell my mother .) Well its I guess age also ... But with the help of this new work out its helped lower the blood sugar levels and kept weight gain at bay ( heeheheheh Im a veracious eater ! Thank god Im not put on another diet cuz Im already following a no sugar , low red meat diet )

As you can see from the stolen shot ( You know who you are ) This is not an exercise for a wus !! Already I can spend 2 hours doing a spinning class or doing 2 hours of cardio 6 days a week . But yet my energy was sucked dry !! I was aching all over !!

Well its a good hurt heheheeheheh see you at the gym . Thanks to my friend I will get better and sexier !!

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