Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Well here I am again the last blog I wrote was Aug of 2006 YIPES .... Trying to put my thoughts on paper! I'm not a writer so please don't point out to me the "flaws " you see ! I don't care about my typo errors / grammar / spelling ( Well I have spell check like most people do ! ) I write to rant and everything just pours out and I don't even bother to edit !! So if any one comment's " Your spelling sux!" or " Dude there are alot of typo errors ." This is all I can say .... Im ranting or raving on what i see , hear or eat !!! FYI I am NOT writing a thesis or term paper ! Im done with school this is just what I have floating in my head and I just want to spew it here !! If it bothers you ... You have the options to surf elsewhere .... Now to business.

Friends have been encouraging me to write my so called AVANT philosophies in life !! Hehehe " AVANT " cuz it's basically experimental ideas like my fashion sense ... Im still classic with a twisted edge like my take on fashion . I won't pretend to be a blogger .. Blame Colin Chan for my writing he suggested once to write down my thoughts because he found my ideology interesting , I forgot to ask if he learned anything ! Its been 5 years since I met Colin and Katsu and they are one of the few peeps that I consider almost close to family here in the PI . I'm sooooo blessed to have their love and friendship ...l And I bet you they NEVER had a friend like me in their life when I 1st met them !! I can still remember Kats cringing when I would say the " F " word .... Now she can swear like a sailor ahahahah !!

Well going back to my story ! Colin suggested I start writing my thoughts and philosophies on what I have learned in life ( How's that ? Im crazy, spastic, neurotic, confrontational and hard headed to top that all i don't mince my words, thats American education for you . ) But thanks to my up bringing i have kept the principles my parents taught me to this very day . I refuse to enumerate them I am not a an expert typist ! So this is how I set the foundation of my blogs .... Good luck to me least some one slaps me with defamation case ahahahah !! Thanks Col I took you up on your suggestion I hope I do you proud .... I hope you guys leave me POSITIVE comments .... Well Im wrecked ... Going to hit the sack now ... Will update my blogs soon !! Smoochies to all !

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