Thursday, August 05, 2010

I have been tutoring a friend of mine recently for almost a month now lets call this friend Beatrice ( She swore me to secrecy !! She said she will hunt me down and shave my kilay and rats tail if I rant on her ..So hence the back ground blur and the non mention of her name ! ) She has a strong sense of love for arts and culture ... Oh also for pigging out with me !!

So todays lesson was " Translating from Mood boards to actual outfits . " I had Beatrice come up with 4 inspiration/ mood boards to help her style her look's . This where boards on fashion history influences so she had make boards on 1) Renaissance. 2) Victorian . 3) Grecian. 4) 60's . The look also has to be styled in a way that it can be worn by a " Real " person to a given event for this century ( challenging huh ? ) But this woman has a walk in closet of clothes that she hasn't even worn yet ! She has ton's of accessories from belts to boot's etc .... So she has the luxury of every stylist's dream but this is just her hobby collecting costumes and clothes heheheh !!

So I packed my kikay kit / Manni ( My body form thanks Jojo Mead I saw love her !! ) dragged my 2 intern's Tin Tin and Sher ( Who where both my students at LCI and have recently graduated from the fashion course ,) and crammed them and my stuff in the car . Beatrice had a hard time comming up with her looks due to the fact she's been so used to styling her self for photo-shoot's ... She has to learn how to detach her self and its still baby steps . Harder because she's using clothes from her archives .

Well true to Beatrice's form she asked me what I wanted to eat after tutorial's , with out a bat of an eye-lash I said singang head of salmon and anything chicken ( She's been on the same " diet " the whole week long and since she dragged me to mega to have singang head of salmon ... I have been craving for it my self ! She also prepared a side dish of chicken chorizo and tocino and boneless bangus ! This was such a perfect treat to end the day !! ( Ay wait I had another meeting at 830pm after din din ! ) When we where eating Beatrice pointed out to me that there was a chorizo that was oddly shaped !! Just check out the pic and let me know what you think !! Hay another day in the life of a creative professional !! We see humor in everything ... Now I feel the urge to create a collection for mens wear with that visual still in my head whahahahah watta inspiration ! Till the next blog Smoochies !!

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