Friday, July 19, 2013

Im back with a vengeance ...

My last post here was 2011 ...  Alot has happened since then ... But I have grown stronger ! I will write with new energy . I have been under the radar too long .... And life is too short .

I have just lost my father and this has given me re-knewd strength ... Dad where ever you are this is for you please guide me !!

I have some scores to settle and I will write about it ... I have been silent too long ... Till my next post blessed be .

Friday, April 08, 2011


On an errand to day me and my assistant Tin stumbled upon fried snack cart . I couldn't call it a squid ball cart cuz they didn't have squid balls but they had chicken balls , Kikaim balls, Kikiam, battered hard boiled egg , battered quails egg . So hence I named it a " fried snack cart "

We where rushing around in my area doing later afternoon errands ... I was feeling blah and this simple cart with artery clogging nibbles put a smile on my face !! I didn't really grow up much in the Philippines left the islands when I was 1 than came back to study high school in Bacolod at 14 than left after high school .... So street food is relatively something thats a tad foreign to me heheheh and besides the fact my mother practically banned me from eating street food as a child !! But in my travels I always make it a point to try out street food in the city I'm visiting as long as its piping hot and does not contain tap water of the country Im in Im fine hehehehe .

I needed the happy fix ... I was dealing with a news that a friend is now in the hospital due to stage 4 cancer and I just recently reunited with this childhood friend and didn't find out till my sister in Jersey told me about the news via skype that early morn . I admit Im an emo eater and eating is part of my comfort zone . I use to be obese but I seem to have been able to control my weight these past few years . I have no choice Im a diabetic , eating right at certain times of the day controls my blood sugar and my mood swings .

But a few minutes of this experience made me happy despite the " cardiac arrest moment " it gave me good endorphins . This actually is my secret of eternal youth hhehehehe . Today is my day off from the gym and I will enjoy it .... Tomorrow I will pay for it at the gym heheheh. Thats the cycle of my life .

Sunday, January 16, 2011


A while back model couple Jasler Ubaldo and his wife Gil Marie Pacmara came and supported fashion forecast where in I was a featured designer ! I was ubber stoked to see this couple who I have known for years !! They where in fact at 1 time my neighbors till they moved and bought their own condo .

I was happy to hear that they have diversified into other area's of fashion !! Gil into accessories and make up styling . While Jasler put up his own brand of club/ street wear called Jail Jeans ( Which he distributes in well known boutiques over seas . ) I was Very lucky to have been gifted a pair of jail jeans recently !! As they are not sold locally !

I wish I could buy jeans locally !! Due to my height its pretty hard to do that, so I wear what I make and have never really worn any local designer . I was tumbling in glee when Jas dropped of the pair he promised to gift me ! They fit like a glove and as they are designed and manufactured for an over seas market so hence my size was not a prob!!

It warms my heart to hear success stories like this ! We need more designers like Jasler and his partner Gil Marie in the local scene ! Despite Jasler's lack of training in design he's back ground in year's of modeling and also having parents that where master cutters was a big help as he can read details and transfer them on fabric .

Boy Abunda wears Jail jeans on the Buzz every week ... And now I own a pair ! The 1st day I wore jail jeans to meet up with some friends for dinner in Rockwell , I was chased by a young fashion blogger who wanted to take a pic of me to post on his blog hehehehe .

Recently due to wanting to get more training Jasler comes in for tutorials in fashion design . And its my honor to pass on knowledge thats I have acquired thru college and training ! Im blessed to be able to meet and work with talents like Jas and my other fashion design students.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Orgasmic isaw LOVE!!

1 tuesday in the middle of a design frenzy ... I looked and pokemon/ assistant TinTin... And said to her " Im craving for ISAW !! " So in my pang basketball player / kanto boy look I dragged her to the kanto at the back of my condo bldng and viola ... We sa isaw love !!

Than voila all my stress disappeared !! They didn't have these when I was growing up abroad !! My will throw a bitch fit if she saw what I was eating !! I spent P100 and it was the best P100 I spent !!
Grungy and happy !! Gotta work my ass off to get rid of the fats from eating all this !!

My version of internship ...HIHIHIH!!

Man no more innards for me in the next month or so !! Ces't la vie !! Viva La isaw !!

Sunday, August 08, 2010


I have recently asked a friend to help me with my work out regimen he has introduced me to the world of DYNAMIC work out . Its working out with no machine or heavy weights . resistance is basically your body weight ! Less injury or strain to the body more reps though and its a killer work out ! Its the same work out system used in the reality TV show the biggest looser . The squats and killer lunges are just some of the routine one must do to make this work for you . Reason why I had to revamp was 1.) Im already going into palteau all the cardio I use to do has made me strong to the point all my routine's was not making me loose any weight , 2.) I was also gaining weight due to quitting smoking ( Its been 1 and 6 months since I took my last puff, some times Im tempted but I came all this way and i wont start again ! ) But lm luckier than most I've gained on average 8 lbs so far and some of it is muscle mass a Dr. friend told me that most peep's on average gain 15 lbs oh gawd forbid I go there !! 3.) My blood sugar level's are erratic and goes up on some day's , a normal level is 115 for some one in my age group and built , well I can hit 220 ( Ssshhhhh no one tell my mother .) Well its I guess age also ... But with the help of this new work out its helped lower the blood sugar levels and kept weight gain at bay ( heeheheheh Im a veracious eater ! Thank god Im not put on another diet cuz Im already following a no sugar , low red meat diet )

As you can see from the stolen shot ( You know who you are ) This is not an exercise for a wus !! Already I can spend 2 hours doing a spinning class or doing 2 hours of cardio 6 days a week . But yet my energy was sucked dry !! I was aching all over !!

Well its a good hurt heheheeheheh see you at the gym . Thanks to my friend I will get better and sexier !!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

I have been tutoring a friend of mine recently for almost a month now lets call this friend Beatrice ( She swore me to secrecy !! She said she will hunt me down and shave my kilay and rats tail if I rant on her ..So hence the back ground blur and the non mention of her name ! ) She has a strong sense of love for arts and culture ... Oh also for pigging out with me !!

So todays lesson was " Translating from Mood boards to actual outfits . " I had Beatrice come up with 4 inspiration/ mood boards to help her style her look's . This where boards on fashion history influences so she had make boards on 1) Renaissance. 2) Victorian . 3) Grecian. 4) 60's . The look also has to be styled in a way that it can be worn by a " Real " person to a given event for this century ( challenging huh ? ) But this woman has a walk in closet of clothes that she hasn't even worn yet ! She has ton's of accessories from belts to boot's etc .... So she has the luxury of every stylist's dream but this is just her hobby collecting costumes and clothes heheheh !!

So I packed my kikay kit / Manni ( My body form thanks Jojo Mead I saw love her !! ) dragged my 2 intern's Tin Tin and Sher ( Who where both my students at LCI and have recently graduated from the fashion course ,) and crammed them and my stuff in the car . Beatrice had a hard time comming up with her looks due to the fact she's been so used to styling her self for photo-shoot's ... She has to learn how to detach her self and its still baby steps . Harder because she's using clothes from her archives .

Well true to Beatrice's form she asked me what I wanted to eat after tutorial's , with out a bat of an eye-lash I said singang head of salmon and anything chicken ( She's been on the same " diet " the whole week long and since she dragged me to mega to have singang head of salmon ... I have been craving for it my self ! She also prepared a side dish of chicken chorizo and tocino and boneless bangus ! This was such a perfect treat to end the day !! ( Ay wait I had another meeting at 830pm after din din ! ) When we where eating Beatrice pointed out to me that there was a chorizo that was oddly shaped !! Just check out the pic and let me know what you think !! Hay another day in the life of a creative professional !! We see humor in everything ... Now I feel the urge to create a collection for mens wear with that visual still in my head whahahahah watta inspiration ! Till the next blog Smoochies !!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Well here I am again the last blog I wrote was Aug of 2006 YIPES .... Trying to put my thoughts on paper! I'm not a writer so please don't point out to me the "flaws " you see ! I don't care about my typo errors / grammar / spelling ( Well I have spell check like most people do ! ) I write to rant and everything just pours out and I don't even bother to edit !! So if any one comment's " Your spelling sux!" or " Dude there are alot of typo errors ." This is all I can say .... Im ranting or raving on what i see , hear or eat !!! FYI I am NOT writing a thesis or term paper ! Im done with school this is just what I have floating in my head and I just want to spew it here !! If it bothers you ... You have the options to surf elsewhere .... Now to business.

Friends have been encouraging me to write my so called AVANT philosophies in life !! Hehehe " AVANT " cuz it's basically experimental ideas like my fashion sense ... Im still classic with a twisted edge like my take on fashion . I won't pretend to be a blogger .. Blame Colin Chan for my writing he suggested once to write down my thoughts because he found my ideology interesting , I forgot to ask if he learned anything ! Its been 5 years since I met Colin and Katsu and they are one of the few peeps that I consider almost close to family here in the PI . I'm sooooo blessed to have their love and friendship ...l And I bet you they NEVER had a friend like me in their life when I 1st met them !! I can still remember Kats cringing when I would say the " F " word .... Now she can swear like a sailor ahahahah !!

Well going back to my story ! Colin suggested I start writing my thoughts and philosophies on what I have learned in life ( How's that ? Im crazy, spastic, neurotic, confrontational and hard headed to top that all i don't mince my words, thats American education for you . ) But thanks to my up bringing i have kept the principles my parents taught me to this very day . I refuse to enumerate them I am not a an expert typist ! So this is how I set the foundation of my blogs .... Good luck to me least some one slaps me with defamation case ahahahah !! Thanks Col I took you up on your suggestion I hope I do you proud .... I hope you guys leave me POSITIVE comments .... Well Im wrecked ... Going to hit the sack now ... Will update my blogs soon !! Smoochies to all !